Sunday, October 24, 2010

Cyberweek 2010 at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Dear Fellow Cyberweek 2010 Participants,

What a pleasure to welcome all of you to LiSimba Consulting Inc.'s participation through the Internet Bar Organization in Cyberweek 2010. The activities available through Cyberweek 2010 represent some of the most creative and effective means of truly communicating through cyber space globally.

It is a great pleasure to be part of the Internet Bar Organization's participation in Cyberweek 2010. It is a harmonious, joint participation. The Internet Bar Organization "works to promote the emerging online justice community by using technology and the Rule of Law to promote human rights and to alleviate poverty". Presently the IBO's project Peacetones works on these exact values held by the IBO. Similarly, LiSimba Consulting Services work daily to build working realtionships globally for international business success, for all parties to each global work opportunity. LiSimba applies the Best Practices, created by Jane Smith, to work toward productive, effective global work sites where dispute resolution in a cross culturrally effective manner is a normal part of the successful management of each global work site.

Using technology as well as promotiong the Rule of Law, LiSimba Consulting Services Inc. offers each Cyberweek 2010 participant the opportunity to experience an online simulation, giving each participant scores that refelct that participant's level of expertise in managing work settings with individuals from many different cultures. The scores can then be sent to Jane Smith, President of LiSimba Consulting Services, and Jane will return a personal note giving insights into each person's scores demonstrating that person's skills in successfully managing individuals from all across our working world. Jane will also send a download of a portion of the chapter that she wrote in the ABA's book THE ABA GUILDE TO INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS NEGOTIATIONS, A Comparison of Cross Cultural Issues and Successful Approaches, 3rd Edition, Chapter 8, "Minimizing Risk: Best Practices in Managing Cross Cultrual Issues in Global Contracting", May 2009.

Daily LiSimba and the participants in Cyberweek 2010 will come to this blog to talk through cyberspace, about a case study, based on real facts and individuals, working virtually together and at times face to face to as a team to achieve goals for the global corporation that has put together the global work opportunity.

Please write to LiSimba through e-mail or this blog, any questions or comments, thoughts or ideas you would like to discuss that arise from LiSimba's participation in Cyberweek 2010.

Thank you in advance for spending some of your time with LiSimba Consulting Services Inc. during Cyberweek 2010.

Warm regards,


Jane Smith
LiSimba Consulting Services, Inc.
Minneapolis, MN 55364
Telephone: 612-802-1240

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  1. Hi,
    I completed the simulation twice and found out my score improve dramatically as a result of my learning experience.Does experience play an important role when it comes to cross-cultural resolution matters? and to what extend does experience play a role? What if one wasn't provided with all these resources such as a legal adviser?