Monday, October 25, 2010

Best Practices in Managing Cross Cultural Concerns

Good morning all participants on the first day of Cyberweek 2010,

Today we will begin our blog time together by introducing to you the "Best Practices" that are fundamental to effective, collaborative management of cross cultural concerns globally. These
"Best Practices" reflect the scores that a participant will earn through experiencing the simulation that LiSimba is offering as part of Cyberweek 2010. The scores that each person earns through the simulation can be sent to Jane Smith at LiSimba and she will return to each person experieincing the simulation a personal interpreting the scores and giving an understanding of that person's skill level at the present time in managing cross cultural concerns globally.

The first Best Practice is creating in oneself an awareness of the existence of a cross cultural concern in any global work setting. The process for creating this awareness is:

1. Learn what your own cultural
a. heroes,
b. symbols and
c. rituals
are which are the outer view of one's core cultural values.

2. Learn what are the
a. heroes
b. symbols
c. rituals
which are the outer view of one's core cultural values, of each person and his/her national
culture uin the global work team.

During the week we will discuss a real life global work team and through that team's experience we will apply the Best Practices to create a global, genuinely collaborative work team.

Our team is working presently in Mexico City, Mexico. The team members all work for a USA based corporation whose headquarters are in Cincinnati, Ohio. The Team Manager, John, is from San Diego, California, where he was born and raised. His family came from Mexico two generations ago and have been citizens of the USA since the grandparents were able to apply for citizenship and become citizens. The Team Manager has created a virtual and face to face work team with offices in Mexico City, to manage the many aspects of a manufacutring facility which is located in Monterrey, Mexico. John reports to Derrick, who is located in Cincinnati, Ohio. The chosen team members are from Belgium, Norway, India, Taiwan, Italy, Lithuania.

This is our team with whom we will spend the next four days and we will resolve one of the many concerns that naturally comes their way through their work together in collaboatively managing the manufacturing facility in Monterrey.

If you were John, what would be your first step after choosing your team, to begin to create a collaborative team through trhese individuals?

Warm regards,


Jane Smith
LiSimba consulting Services Inc.
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