Monday, October 26, 2009

A Cross Cultural Welcome to Cyberweek 2009

Dear Fellow Participants in Cyberweek 2009,

I am actually writing to you all from Paris which of course is the great advantage of asynchronous communication. We do not have to be together nor to answer at the moment the communication is sent in order to communicate. Yet we do have to "speak the same language" in order for the words to truly communicate.

To gage how well you as a Cyberweek 2009 Particpant "speaks the same language" as other particpants in other cultures, I invite you to experience the simulation I wrote for this very purpose, the link to which is found on the Cyberweek 2009 Contents page. When you have completed the simulation, you will be given your scores on a range of skills that are truly essential to effectively functioning in cross cultural communications. Please then e-mail those scores to me or send them to my blog here. I will write back to you a brief understanding of your scores to assist you in your present and future effective cross cultural communications. I will also send you a downloadable portion of the chapter that I wrote on this topic for the ABA GUIDE TO INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONS, Third Edition, May 2009. This chapter can support you in all cross cultural communication, especially where cross cultural trust building and dispute resolution are necessary.

I look forward to talking with you this Cyberweek 2009.

Warm regards from Paris,


Jane E. Smith, Esq.
LiSimba Consulting Services, Inc.
Building Relationships for International Business Success

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